Blockaide Double Curtain Rod


Blockaide Double Curtain Rodblockaide wrap around curtain rod 30 to 144

Blockaide Double Curtain Rod - If you love the décor theme of natural forests, wood curtain rods are the ideal home accent for you. While it can be made from pine, oak, or walnut, there's still the choice of purchasing faux wood sticks for you more environmentally friendly men and women. Furthermore, if you're on a budget, faux sticks are probably a better choice, as real wood tends to be costly. Once you've studied the different kinds of wood curtain rods you would like to buy for your home, you will probably begin to think about the kinds of curtains you would like on them.

Country style curtains are reminiscent of olden days of the nation when people lived on a farm or had servants but nevertheless had an 'atmosphere of state' around them. |} Country style curtains come in checkerboard, solid colours; although slightly muted from today's bright colours, like mustard yellow. Patterns, aside from the very popular floral patterns, roses, and lilies; comprise the popular checkerboard.

Bay window curtains need special wood curtain rods for your bay window opening. A bay window is one that juts out from the wall. It is not flat against the wall like the rest of the window and occasionally has a seat in it. The bay window makes a wonderful small alcove in almost any room and the bay window curtains should be simple or elegant rather than overpowering to space. You do not want to fill the small space with large, bulky curtains, therefore, choose sheers, or thinner curtains with texture and style to give a small area some depth.

Swing arm curtain rods do precisely exactly what they say they do; they swing out of the way if you don't need to utilize traditional curtain sticks. Swing arm curtain rods can also be for places like French doors if you will need the solitude of these curtains, nevertheless still, want to open the doors. They also come in handy in baths, on small windows and the tiny windows beside the front door and many other windows where you desire the solitude, but still would like to have the ability to open the door or window.

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