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Better Homes And Gardens Curtain Rod Extendershower curtain rod

Better Homes And Gardens Curtain Rod Extender - Most households use rods to hang drapes on. They serve two functions. First, a curtain pole holds the drapes which you use to pay for windows, blocking out light and regulating room temperatures. Second, they serve within a room's decor. Many different kinds of curtain rods to choose from in various styles, colors or finishes, and sometimes even hardware can be matched. Your choice for which kind of curtain pole will ultimately be determined by if you want it to be viewed or not. Simple rods usually remain concealed and are often cheaper.

These rods are usually chosen for drapes which won't be typically cosmetic in nature and will remain closed more frequently. For rods that will be seen or which will have small segments which will be seen, you've got other choices. Decorative curtain rods are usually chosen when you need parts of the path to be viewed. These rods can also be chosen for use with ornamental window treatments like sheer panels and scarf bits. If you are not interested in a completely decorative pole, there are some models which have a standard rod that's decorative rods, known as finials. In addition, you may use decorative brackets to mount your pole.

Double drape rods are also an alternative for your own windows. There are two rods, one situated behind the opposite. Both rods permit you to layer multiple drapes. You can use valances on the front pole and strong panels on the rear one. You can also put strong panels on the front and sheer panels on the back. In some cases, these rods are employed for drafty windows when a double pair of insulated drapes is necessary in order to keep out the cold atmosphere.

Selecting the curtain rods you will use on your own windows will vary for every person. It will be based on your particular decoration taste as well as what your desires are for the windows in each room. You may also be affected by the costs of the curtain rods which you're considering, which can be determined by the brand, size, finish and much more.

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